Aim: Focused Attention

Our Target: The point of this lesson is to get to know our kids more by learning how to listen to them. If we improve even a little, we will learn more about what is going on in their lives when they are not home. Let’s try to get rid of distractions and really focus on listening to our kids.

Team up! Try these simple ideas to make your child want to talk.

Figure out a good time to get rid of your distractions. Silence your phone and maybe even leave it in another room so that you’re not tempted to pay attention to it. Find your child and turn up a radio or TV that’s close by to a really loud volume. Start talking to your son or daughter over the loudness and try to ask them how their day was. You should be almost yelling and it will become silly to you and your child. Once you have their attention, turn down the volume and sit down together. Now that you have gotten rid of something in the way of you two talking try to make sure that nothing else gets in the way.

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