You don't need an SEL program, if you have Leaps.

Lesson Plans, Assessments, Behavior Supports & Reports All Together In One Simple System for K12 Schools

Easy To Implement by School or by District

Teachers Login To Manage Their Own Classroom Needs

Teaching Common Sense Life Skills

Lessons for every maturity level from K all the way through 12th grade

Used by Special Ed & Classroom Teachers Alike

Our flexible system makes it easy to set up and start teaching in days.

Better Behavior + Better Attendance = Better Grades


Leaps’ creator & author, Jay Burcham, was recently featured on the EdCuration podcast telling the back story behind the creation of Leaps and the importance of teaching common sense life skills at this critical time, returning to the classroom after months virtual learning.

We enlighten and empower educators to make a difference in the lives of their students, forever.


Leaps is an online system of resources that enable classroom teachers and counselors to identify the psychosocial skill deficits of their students. The system then provides a plan with the specific lessons needed to address student’s needs, on an individual or group basis. 242 Lessons in 10 categories, assessments & reporting tools all in one system. 


  • Empower teachers
  • Inspire students
  • Transform your school

Schools that use Leaps report significant reduction in behavior issues, a steady increase in attendance, an improved overall experience for teachers in the classroom, higher test scores and a better school culture.


72% of teachers say they need more resources to deal with behavior issues in the classroom.


About 15% of all K12 students are chronically absent; that is 5 MILLION CHILDREN.


21% of students report being bullied during the school year; that is 5 MILLION STUDENTS.


Increasing attendance by just 2% can save over $170,000 in lost funding for absences.

Implementation Is Easy


1. Schedule A Demo Call

See what Leaps can do for your teachers, your students and your K12 schools.

2. Sign up for Leaps

Get logins, and we’ll start training your team.

3. Get Started in Days

Intuitive tools make it easy to begin, and we’ll help customize your experience along the way.

We give teachers the tools they need to teach what matters most. We care about every student, teacher & administrator.


Thousands of students have already benefited from Leaps lessons


In the hands of thousands of teachers who care about those students


With easy-to-use tools, backed up by 30 years of research in a clinical setting.


Quick access to our most requested information

Leaps for Social Emotional Learning

Psychosocial Skills Training for all students,  in Special Ed & every classroom

Leaps for Behavior Support

See how Leaps aligns with RTI, PBIS & MTSS

Sample Lesson Plans

Choose 3 topics, by maturity level, for instant download

Leaps often pays for itself in the 1st year

Get info about pricing, funding sources and request a quote

Beyond SEL:  Addressing Mental Health in the Classroom

We recently hosted a webinar facilitated by Jay Burcham, author of Leaps, and after many requests, we’ve made a recording of the session available here for easy access. Participants will gain a better understanding of how much educators really can do to help students growing up in these complicated times.

Schools are getting results with Leaps.

Higher test scores. Fewer absences. Better behavior. Improved school culture.

More Testimonials

“The truth is my first period cherubs love first period because, in their words, they get to talk about things that really matter in their lives, due to the Leaps lessons.â€

6th Grade Teacher, Florida

“I enjoy the Ah-ha! moments I see on my students’ faces when they feel empowered after a Leaps lesson!â€

EBD Counselor, Florida

“Most staff members comment on improvements in behavior after only a few Leaps lessons. It makes my job easier and makes the teachers think that I am a miracle worker!â€

School Counselor, Oklahoma

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