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Connecting the Dots Between Mental Health, Psychosocial Skills and Positive Behavior Change in the Classroom

Leaps is the most comprehensive K12 Behavior, Mental Health & Psychosocial Skills Training Platform on the market, including tools to help with PBIS, RTI and MTSS:

  • Research-based, developed in the context of mental health services.
  • Designed for prevention, intervention and remediation
  • Delivers specific, actionable lesson plans and assessments
  • Including targeted lessons by topic and maturity level
  • Monitor progress pre- and post-assessment with the Comparison Report.
  • Administrators can effectively monitor fidelity with our reporting tools


Leaps is the answer for your classroom, your school, and your district.

Leaps incorporates all of the tools needed to run an effective mental health and SEL program. We help teachers impact positive behavior change while teaching social and emotional skills. Assessments and progress reporting are included so educators can meet all requirements for programs like PBIS and RTI.


  • Measurability and accountability for administrators
  • Experiential, active learning processes vs. lecture or video-based, passive learning products.
  • Teachers don’t have to be behavior experts. Leaps uses role playing techniques
  • Designed to work for real world, practical experience. 
Students and their teacher

High School Uses Leaps in Attendance & Discipline Office

High School Teacher, Melissa Rooney, talks about how her school uses Leaps in the Attendance & Discipline office. She says it helps students learn lessons that are going to be important throughout their lives. They also use Leaps in their In School Suspension...
Factors in education

District-Wide Implementation

Launching Leaps District Wide, By TopicMany of our schools report that the best way to get their Leaps program going district-wide is to set a value or topic for each month of the school year. This doesn't mean that you can only access 9 or 10 topics...

4th Grade Teacher Sees Behavior & Academics Improve

Lisa Young is a 4th grade teacher who has seen improvement in her students, both behaviorally and academically after using Leaps lessons and assessment tools. Her school uses Leaps for Response to Intervention (RTI) in Tier 2 groups as well as in the...
Stop Bullying sign

Success Story: Addressing Bullying & Helping Special Needs Kids

Tammy Geiger, a specialist who works with special needs children at Lake County Schools, shares her story about using Leaps lessons to change the bullying behavior of a student who was targeting a deaf person. The bully is known to be a member of a gang. After...
Group photo of students

Middle School Uses Leaps for Behavior Support

Susan Edwards, middle school educator, talks about Leaps assessment tools and Response to Intervention (RTI). Ms. Edwards shares how Leaps helps teachers in her middle school collect data for the district to help monitor and manage reporting on student...

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We enlighten and empower educators to make a difference in the lives of their students, forever.

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On Mental Health

Leaps was developed with more than twenty five years of research and real world application with mental health and education as the essential tools for teachers to help students grow and learn

Social Emotional Learning

Leaps takes the broad concepts of social and emotional learning and brings a practical program to the table with very specific, easily identifiable skills.

Behavior Support

Leaps provides all the necessary content, curriculum, benchmarks, and progress reporting to help teachers implement  positive behavioral changes in the classroom.

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