Bullying Today vs In The Past

Jay Burcham, author of the Leaps curriculum, provides insight into the many ways bullying has evolved over time. Today's bullies are not the same as ten, twenty or fifty years ago. Technology makes it easier to amplify bullying from a simple, physical threat or act of...

Success Story: Addressing Bullying & Helping Special Needs Kids

Tammy Geiger, a specialist who works with special needs children at Lake County Schools, shares her story about using Leaps lessons to change the bullying behavior of a student who was targeting a deaf person. The bully is known to be a member of a gang. After...

Talking To Kids About Bullies

Just ASK your kids:

-“Do you know what a bully is?”
-“Do you know of any bullies at school?”
-“Do you think that bullies are good friends to others?”

Rebuilding the Bullied: Cyber Bullying

Tell them you love them.
Hug them.
Sit and talk to them. Show real interest in them.
Set them up to succeed. Find something they can do and praise them for it!
Step in and help. Let them see you as being there for them.
Make sure they know that home is safe. Home is shelter. Home is absolute.

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