Classroom Behavior

The Profound Simplicity of Being Nice

As I listen to educators tell me about their daily trials, one said something that really struck me. “We just need our kids and our teachers to remember what it meant to be nice.” Nice is a simple sounding concept and in fact it’s a pejorative in some athletic circles that deride niceness as term of weakness. But that wasn’t the nice she was speaking of.

Quiet Students at Risk of Being Overlooked

Who are the students in your class that need to be heard? Who is trying not to be noticed but wishes with every fiber of their being they were worthy of being noticed? What child or adolescent or teen is in your life but if they weren’t you wouldn’t really notice? Take a few moments now to notice them.

Helping Students Find That Spark

When does learning become drudgery rather than a joy? We often ask the when question but I think the one we should be asking is the why question. Why does learning lose its luster? If truth be told, learning never truly has to lose its luster.

Focus of Pre-K: Are They Ready to Learn?

One of the real issues facing schools today is the readiness of kids to begin. Are little ones ready for Kindergarten? If not, is Pre-K the answer? What should the focus of Pre-K be? Is it academic readiness or is it social preparation?

For Some Students the Holidays Can Hurt

For Some Students the Holidays Can Hurt

There are many issues besides depression that teachers need to be aware of as the holidays approach. Did you know that besides depression – eating disorders, shoplifting, fatigue, overt aggression, sexual acting out, and other extreme behaviors increase amongst many kids during the holidays? We have to ask two questions: why and what do we do about it?

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