Aim: Handling Anger

Our Target: We’re trying to help ourselves and our kids to see what anger is and how to handle it. We all need to work together to control our anger so that it doesn’t grow into angry actions (aggression) that can hurt others’ feelings, or even hurt them physically.

Team Up! Try these simple ideas to help your child want to talk.

Just ASK your child: “Did anything make you angry today?” & “Did you see anyone else get angry today?” If they say no, that’s great! But, it doesn’t help get the conversation started. If they say no, you need to think of the last time YOU got angry and you have to be honest about it. Whether the talk is about your anger or their anger, ask:

-Why Did you get mad?

-Did you hurt someone’s feelings when you were mad?

-Do you think you handled it the right way?

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