RTI Tier III – Remediation

Leaps provides a multi-modal, multiple format assessing process that creates a highly individualized behavior improvement plan. This plan denotes the level of functioning of the student and the associated risk, it then categorizes and reports skills strengths and deficits, and then it identifies the intervention, prevention, and social integration areas of need. Leaps then fills each of these areas of need with lesson plans for intervention, prevention, and remediation. This process provides the opportunity for a pre and post participation assessment which provides specific and quantifiable statements of progress or regression. Leaps assessing and student profiling:

  • identifies the specific level of functioning of the student and then denotes the functional and behavioral risks associated with this level of functioning
  • communicates the areas of strength and deficit and then provides a “lay” interpretation of the areas of need and their potential impact
  • provides a categorical breakdown of areas of need with specific levels of functioning within each of the existing categories. This information allows for a small group development and placement based upon a specificity of need
  • creates an evolving improvement plan based upon the progress or decompensation of the student and then identifies the specific areas of need to be addressed in a priority order. Specific remediation content is then provided for each area of assigned need

RTI Tier 1, RTI Tier 2

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