Tier II – Targeted Group Intervention

Leaps provides the assessing and reporting tools to identify the students in need of behavioral intervention training as well as the data necessary to create and assign small group placement for maximum benefit of results. Leaps accomplishes this by identifying the individual needs of students but then reporting those individual needs in a categorical fashion for small group development. This specificity gives the educator/interventionist the best opportunity to group students based upon real need and therefore the best opportunity to intervene in that need while producing measurable and demonstrable benchmarks for placement, progress, and exiting the group. Leaps produces Tier II reporting and programming results by:

  • identifying behaviorally at-risk students through a robust multi-modal assessing process
  • creating an individualized student plan that identifies the students individual level of functioning but comports those individual needs into group modality formats
  • identifying areas of need that are common amongst different students for the development of small groups
  • Providing the reportable benchmarks with a parental interpretation for an active communication plan
  • creating categorical benchmarks for pre and post participation measurements
  • categorizing areas of intervention into functional groupings which makes communication, implementation, and fidelity efficient and effective
  • On average, 15% of a school’s students are identified as at-risk, performing below expected levels, or needing specific supports to make adequate academic progress. Leaps resources, in the form of individual and group assessment tools, enable educators to precisely target the skill deficits that can best help the student function, cope and adapt more appropriately to his school, community, and home environments. This gives the student the best opportunity for academic success. Leaps lesson plans are designed to foster active discussion and role-play scenarios that are ideal for small group or classroom use.
  • Most Tier II Leaps implementations are centered around grouping students into categorical, or functional groups, based upon a commonality of assessed deficits. This specificity of grouping process allows for a true entrance criteria, progress goals, and measurable and reportable outcomes.

RTI Tier 1, RTI Tier 3

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