Leaps is a comprehensive social and emotional interactive curriculum replete with multi-modal assessing instruments. Leaps “Classroom Challenges†is a perfect fit for the process of utilizing “prescriptive assessments to design instructionâ€. This feature allows classroom teachers to identify the area of topical focus based upon the preventative needs presented by the classroom.  

Using the Leaps “Classroom Challenges†tool, classroom educators simply choose the area of focused preventative training or need for their class and then answer simple behavioral observational questions. These focused areas cover a range of categorical needs from citizenship to respect to bullying and 6 other categorical values and character traits. Based upon the observations of the educator, Leaps will identify the most relevant lesson plans for that class as well as the necessary secondary support lessons.

Because the “Classroom Challenges†tool is designed to elicit an observational response from the educator, Leaps can identify the areas of need that are most relevant to the class – even from a preventative format. This greatly increases efficiency and effectiveness of the time allotted for Tier I Prevention. This process also affords teacher input which increases the likelihood of teacher buy-in and participation.

Finally, the “Classroom Challenges†report is printable. When printed the report serves as the benchmark reporting for Tier I because areas of primary and secondary need, from a preventative standpoint, are identified and then those areas of need are supported through lesson plan delivery for both primary and secondary levels. This process removes the guesswork, makes the process relevant to that specific class, affords the opportunity for a systemic, or school-wide focus on a given area while still focusing on the individual needs of that particular class, and helps brings the teachers input into the solution.

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