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Leaps is an online resource available by subscription only. Licensing is on a site basis. Once a school is licensed, all educators in that school may register for their own user account, which gives them full access to Leaps and all its tools (assessment tools, lesson plans, etc.). The standard subscription is for one year. The size of the district and its schools can vary greatly. So, this factor is recognized in our pricing, giving smaller schools and districts an equal opportunity to access Leaps.

Given the measurable results Leaps provides, schools can expect an increase in regular attendance, improved test scoring, reduced behavior incidents and better overall sense of community across the whole school and district. Just the changes in attendance often serve to pay for the Leaps program each year.

In most cases, Leaps will cost less than a fancy cup of coffee, per student, annually. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, anytime. You can schedule a short call or virtual demo, drop us an email or call anytime.

Leaps often pays for itself

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School Funding Information

Leaps Helps Schools Meet Title IV Objectives

Leaps helps schools meet Title IV objectives with engaging academic psychosocial skills training and support programs for whole-child education Below are some of the key objectives of Title IV funding for schools. We have shared information about how Leaps tools can...

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Title I Funding for Schools

Leaps helps school districts meet Title I requirements, improving outcomes for lower-achieving students Below are some of the key requirements for Title I funding for schools. We have shared information about how Leaps can help meet those requrements throughout the...

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CARES Act Funding for Schools

CARES Act Funding for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Help your school apply for grant programs for SEL, classroom management and behavioral support. The following information can help teachers and other education officials to fund programming that...

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