On Pricing

  • Leaps is an online, subscription-based system, licensed by school.
  • Once a school is licensed, all educators in the school have full access to all tools.
  • All licenses include tools to manage Social Emotional Learning, RTI and PBIS programs for Behavioral Support and Mental Wellness initiatives.
  • Our best pricing is available for district-wide purchases, at $2000 per school.
  • A standard one-year subscription starts at $3500 for a single school with discounts available for multiple schools participating.
  • We also provide discounts for multi-year subscriptions. Many districts have purchased a five-year license, earning one full year free.
  • We recognize the financial challenges faced by small and rural districts and will work with you to make our programs affordable for your schools. Reach out for info.

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      Leaps often pays for itself


       242 Different Lesson Plans customized for 3 maturity levels, K through 12
        Materials cover 109 distinct skills in ten different categories including Respect, Responsibility, Stress & Anxiety, Making Friends, Bullying, etc.
      Includes classroom observational assessment tool as well as individual assessment tools for reporting, benchmarking and tracking progress
      Lessons for older students include companion worksheets and for younger learners, Take Home sheets (English & Spanish) help parents stay in the loop to reenforce lessons.

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      School Funding Information

      Leaps Helps Schools Meet Title IV Objectives

      Leaps helps schools meet Title IV objectives with engaging academic psychosocial skills training and support programs for whole-child education Below are some of the key objectives of Title IV funding for schools. We have shared information about how Leaps tools can...

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      Title I Funding for Schools

      Leaps helps school districts meet Title I requirements, improving outcomes for lower-achieving students Below are some of the key requirements for Title I funding for schools. We have shared information about how Leaps can help meet those requrements throughout the...

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      CARES Act Funding for Schools

      CARES Act Funding for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Help your school apply for grant programs for SEL, classroom management and behavioral support. The following information can help teachers and other education officials to fund programming that...

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