Leaps complements PBIS within four key elements of the PBIS framework. It is a comprehensive, online program and resource for educators who are creating learning environments built upon resources that provide both evidence of benefit and content for delivery.

Leaps Complements PBIS Within These Four Vital Elements: 

  1. Data for Decision Making
    Leaps assessing processes, for individual students as well as small groups and classrooms, provides the information educators need to determine the level of behavioral service a student should receive and provides the actual fulfillment of service resource within the assigned level.
  2. Measurable Outcomes
    Leaps assessing processes are automated and collected electronically which provides the opportunity to reassess post-participation. Leaps provides the ability to compare the pre and post participation reports. This data driven reporting process quantifies levels of functioning within key behavioral realms and then compares functioning levels across time to denote actual progress.
  3. Evidence Based Content for Outcomes
    Leaps provides full lesson planning for all areas of assessed need. These lesson plans are the content fulfillment process that has been vetted and is fully evidence based to create positive and pro-social behavioral changes.
  4. Implementation Practices
    Leaps offers a comprehensive and proven implementation package that includes usage based training, administrative training and ongoing topical training for the expansion of behavioral services within general education. Trainings are supplemented by ongoing fidelity reporting based on use of, satisfaction with, and saturation levels of programming. This data reporting process is then combined with automated progress reporting to determine the areas where progress is being achieved and the resources that were used to attain the progress.

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