We’re so excited to announce that Leaps 5.0 is up and running. All users accounts have been updated and new users will have full access to our beautiful new system. We’re updated more than just the look and feel, with more emphasis on user experience, ease of use and simplicity. Same great system, brand new look.

All New Lesson Plan Designs & More
The Leaps system includes more than 200 different lesson plans available online, and for download as printer-friendly PDF files. We’ve updated all of them with a fresh, clean new layout. Same teacher-tested, research-backed content but now with a modern look and feel. For younger kids, we’ve added new images and activity pages to show and share. For older kids, our companion worksheets have a new look too. Even the Go Home pages for parents and caregivers have a new look. 

Classroom Challenges Now Easier To Access & Solve
We’ve made our celebrated Classroom Challenges tool much easier to access and track. This popular tool allows teachers to seek out solutions and lesson plans for any situation. Simply choose a topic like bullying, friendship, respect, time management – there are many to choose from – and answer three questions about the class and the topic at hand. The system provides guidance on which lesson plans should be used first and specific instruction on what steps to take in order to address that specific situation.

Separate Pages to Print Only What You Need
Our new lesson plans can be downloaded with all available plan pages in a single file, or you can access just the Go Home pages for sharing with parents, companion worksheets for use in the classroom or shared for virtual learning. We’re even adding new coloring pages for younger students to use while the lesson is going on. Flexible tools that work for you.

Spanish language Go Home sheets
We’ve been busy adding Spanish language versions of our Go Home sheets so that teachers in bilingual school or in special circumstances where a parent or caregiver does not use English as their first language, teachers can accommodate and make sure students are getting the lesson reinforcement they need at home


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