High School Teacher, Melissa Rooney, talks about how her school uses Leaps in the Attendance & Discipline office. She says it helps students learn lessons that are going to be important throughout their lives. They also use Leaps in their In School Suspension program. Ms. Rooney emphasizes the importance of students not just learning that their behavior needs to change but also learning the core reasons behind their own behavior, with the benefit of gaining introspection and a deeper understanding of their own hearts and minds.

This school uses Leaps for

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • In-School Suspension
  • Classroom Behavior Support
  • Reporting 
  • Student Engagement

“We use Leaps in our high school to help students make changes in specific behaviors student have, it helps mold them and helps them make changes more personally, so it’s more lasting and has a greater impact. Leaps has been a great program for our school. It’s really helped kids to turn that corner and make changes that have had a lasting effect.”


High School Teacher

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