Leaps for Schools is social emotional learning (SEL), classroom management and behavior support program all in one system. It  includes a vast library of lesson plans, protocols and assessments for students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade and addresses more than 200 different topic areas. It is used in thousands of classrooms across the country, for special education programs, across entire schools and district-wide. But we know that sometimes, teachers need a tool like ours, even when the district has not signed up with our program. So we created a 100% free SEL benchmarking tool for teachers to take inventory of a student or a group of students strengths and deficits, for guidance.

This new free assessment tool is free to use, you don’t even have to provide your contact information if you don’t need to save your results for future use. If you want to, you can create an account and you will be able to store assessment scores for an entire classroom without cost. The system automatically masks student’s names for you, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sharing sensitive data.

We know how important these tools can be for student development. That’s why we’ve made it free to use. Visit SELBenchmark.com to try it anytime. 





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