Our Target: It’s time to let our kids know that everyone has great worth as a person, even if they look very different than us. Let’s be good role models, and teach our kids how to be fearlessly kind to everyone. Let’s help our kids see how people act and treat people based on those actions, instead of treating others based on differences in skin color, culture, or even medical conditions.

Team Up! Try these simple tips to help your child want to talk. Stand in front of a mirror with your child with both of you looking at your reflections. Point out and talk about ways that you look different from each other, as in eye or hair color, birthmarks or freckles, face shape, nose size, lip shape, and any other features you notice. Tell your child that even though you are in the same family, you actually look very different. Now that you have their attention, start talking about how to always treat others with kindness no matter how different they look.

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