Tammy Geiger, a specialist who works with special needs children at Lake County Schools, shares her story about using Leaps lessons to change the bullying behavior of a student who was targeting a deaf person. The bully is known to be a member of a gang. After intervention with Leaps lessons, the student went home and started to teach himself sign language, unprompted, in order to apologize and to build a friendship with the deaf student. Sometimes the outcome is even better than expected. 

This school uses Leaps for

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Lessons on Bullying
  • Classroom Behavior Support
  • Data Collection 
  • Reporting

“I’ve learned that with consistent use of the Leaps lessons, even students with the most demanding behaviors and conduct can also be reached. We just recently had a student who has known gang affiliations. After some Leaps lessons, he realized he was targeting and abusing a deaf person. He felt bad and went home and started, independently, teaching himself sign language to communicate with the person he was bullying. He said he felt bad about what he had done and he wanted to learn how to communicate with them.”


Special Needs Teacher

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