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Psychosocial Health

Changing the way we think, act and react to the world around us.

Social Emotional Learning

for All Levels of K12 Schools

Classroom Management Tools That Work

Based on 30+ Years of Documented ResearchÂ

We enlighten and empower educators to make a difference in the lives of their students, forever.

Leaps is an online system of resources that enable classroom teachers and counselors to identify the mental health needs of their students. The system then provides a plan with the lessons needed to address those very specific needs on an individual or group basis.

  • Empower teachers
  • Inspire students
  • Transform your school

Research Based

Leaps is backed by 25 years of clinical research & real-world classroom experience.


Address Specific Issues

Bullying, Respect, Self Control & Tolerance are just some of the important topics Leaps lessons address.

We Give You A Plan

Leaps is simple to implement for a single classroom, across the whole school and for district-wide programs, too.


PBIS, RtI-B & MTSS Compliant

Use and assessment data ensures fidelity of implementation and progress monitoring, providing a functional Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP).

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Our web-based tools make class prep, assessments & reporting simple, with 24/7 internet access.


Custom Assessment Tools

Fully vetted individual assessment tools and classroom observational assessments provide planning and tracking data.

Schools that use Leaps report significant reduction in behavior issues, a steady increase in attendance, an improved overall experience for teachers in the classroom, higher test scores and a better school culture.


72% of teachers say they need more resources to deal with behavior issues in the classroom.


About 15% of all K12 students are chronically absent; that is 5 MILLION CHILDREN.


21% of students report being bullied during the school year; that is 5 MILLION STUDENTS.


Increasing attendance by just 2% can save over $170,000 in lost funding for absences.

Implementation As Easy As 1-2-3


1. Schedule A Demo Call

See what Leaps can do for your teachers, your students and your K12 schools.

2. Sign up for Leaps

Get logins, and we’ll start training your team.

3. Get Started in Days

Intuitive tools make it easy to begin, and we’ll help customize your experience along the way.

We give teachers the tools they need to teach what matters most. We care about every student, every teacher & administrator.


Thousands of students have already benefited from Leaps lessons


In the hands of thousands of teachers who care about those students


With easy-to-use tools, backed up by 30 years of research in a clinical setting.


Quick access to our most requested information

Leaps & PBIS

Read a quick overview of our PBIS integrations.

Leaps & RTI

Learn how our tools help with behavior programs.

Sample Lesson Plans

View some curriculum for early, middle school and high school students.

Activities for Parents

We have a series of free Family Talk guides designed to help parents talk with young children about important topics.

RECORDED WEBINAR Beyond SEL:  Addressing Mental Health in the Classroom

We recently hosted a webinar facilitated by Jay Burcham, author of Leaps, and after many requests, we’ve made a recording of the session available here for easy access. Participants will gain a better understanding of how much educators really can do to help students growing up in these complicated times.

Schools are getting results with Leaps.

Higher test scores. Fewer absences. Better behavior. Improved school culture.


“The truth is my first period cherubs love first period because, in their words, they get to talk about things that really matter in their lives, due to the Leaps lessons.â€
6th Grade Teacher

in Florida

“I enjoy the Ah-ha! moments I see on my students’ faces when they feel empowered after a Leaps lesson!â€
EBD Counselor

in Florida

“Most staff members comment on improvements in behavior after only a few Leaps lessons. It makes my job easier and makes the teachers think that I am a miracle worker!â€
School Counselor

in Oklahoma

News & Updates

Refocusing on Humanity

Refocusing on Humanity

I woke this morning to news that Russia and the new Ukraine government are in a political standoff with military options mobilizing. There was also news of another major storm that has temperatures as far south as Austin in the 30s heading east and picking up steam and looking like it will slam the east coast again. Then there was the appalling news of a school in Nigeria where terrorist had killed a schoolyard full of children and burned their bodies in some twisted attention grab in the name of a twisted view of their religion. The news went on and on with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. I watched and read and listened to a litany of events that should make a grown man seek refuge. But one horrible story gave way to another, and the incredible news of the Nigerian tragedy faded from the television screen and a smiling anchorman talking about a rampant pack of Chihuahuas in Arizona segued into a story of absolute silliness. Those dead children were worth a 20 second mention – about the same as a pack of ankle biting dogs.

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What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong sang “What a Wonderful World” in 1967. In that beautiful song he opines and laments, “I think to myself, what a wonderful world”. His world in 1967 was a world that saw a 10,000 person march in San Francisco against the Vietnam War while more than 11,000 American soldiers died. It was the year Jim Garrison claimed a conspiracy theory in the death of President John F. Kennedy. It was the year Fidel Castro absconded all intellectual property in Cuba. Israel was in the midst of a 6-Day War with Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. A prison riot in Florida left 23 dead, and an explosion on the USS Forrestal left 134 dead.

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When I Hurt

When I Hurt

As a psychologist, I am often asked how to help little ones understand and deal with loss. How do you help your child, adolescent, teen, and even yourself deal with the loss of a loved one? From a family pet to a family member, death is one of the most difficult things for a parent to help a child through because they are often trying to get through it themselves. This isn’t a fun topic but it is one worth discussing. I hope these words help a little during the difficult days.

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